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Volume 02 - The Crusaders - The Broken Cross!

Volume 02 - The Crusaders - The Broken Cross!

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32-PAGE, FULL COLOR COMIC BOOK - When Jody gets more than she bargained for in the occult, she learns that Jesus loves her and is the only One who can help her. The entire town is over run by a Satanic witchcraft cult!! Only the Crusaders and the power of the cross can overcome their evil plans.

Volume two of Jack Chick's classic Crusader Series. Follow the Crusaders into a small town where even the sheriff is part of an occult group. They meet Jody, who got into withcraft for the power, but instead lives in fear and depression. When they lead her to Christ, the trouble begins. An action-packed story with a great, God-honoring ending.

Young people are often invited by their friends to dabble with the occult and don't know what they are getting into. This book shows that it's not the "fun" it's made out to be. If you want real power, turn to Jesus.

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